Last certificate obtained for marking our products with designation

In order to remain in compliance with the requirements of our customers, two years ago we started making the necessary documenation for the possibility of issuing CE designation for our products.After a long work, in collaboration with ZIK firm from Zagreb, the last technical folder was successfully made and the last confirmation was obtained .Further, by the beginning of this year, a new department was formed under the name "Project Monitoring ", which with the help of ZIK firm qualifies for independent work on technical folders, monitoring standards and their changes, ensuring that our customer receives all required documentation.

Uniweld strojevi is building a new assembly hall

Due to the need for larger and heavier machines, the company Uniweld Strojevi d.o.o. started the construction of a new assembly hall covering 800 square meters in cooperation with AB Gradnja firm. The new hall will enable production of machines of maximum height 12m (in one piece ) and total weight of 40 tons. So far we have had the opportunity for production of machines up to 7m high and weighing 10 tons .Two gantry cranes 20 +5 t manufactured by SPB with headquarters in Rijeka will be inbuilt, and ​a hole 2,5 x2,5x5 m has already been excavated, which allows the maximum height . While planning the hall, special attention was paid to ecology and therefore new LED electricity saving illuminants will be installed, further gas heaters will be used instead of oil heaters now apllied in other facilities.

Completion of works is expected by the beginning of spring.


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